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How Odd

2013-09-30 20:54:00 by CompanionCube

I keep returning like clockwork.


Wake up Mr. Freeman...

2012-06-09 20:05:07 by CompanionCube

Holy Shit. Talk about a blast from the past...

Why WoW is successful.

2009-05-23 05:54:43 by CompanionCube

I've been thinking about it recently, and reading articles on why WoW was a freak accident and that investors and developers just can't seem to understand why. The common explanation was the large population in game, like a black hole, the game would absorb more people. But they never explain this. Blizzard previously had a brilliant game record, with huge online communities in WC3 and Diablo so when WoW came out it had the fan base to successful support an MMO.

The problem with today's developers is that they start as these small, poxy companies and attempt to take the crown off WoW, you can't do it like that. Firstly you need to develop some small single players games, but make them noticeable, then you move on to larger single player games with online such as WC3. After giving yourself a credible name in the industry THEN make an MMO, the build up is just as important as the development.


Why WoW is successful.

I'm level 10!

2009-04-25 07:47:40 by CompanionCube

I still don't feel any better...

Newgrounds UK Meetup '09!

2009-01-17 18:48:30 by CompanionCube

I was there!

It was great fun, got to meet a bunch of really nice people. We got to play lots of arcade games, bumper cars, house of dead all that good stuff. I got to meet Tom, he was a down to earth, friendly chap. Met lots of the site's Mods, Luis and tons of friendly users!

Best Saturday ever. I'm definitely going next year.


Newgrounds UK Meetup '09!


2008-06-27 21:24:28 by CompanionCube


Hey guys!

I'm working a new flash involving Dido, game consoles and beer!
Its a surprisingly good combination...

I working on a new flash O_o (bout frigging time as well)


2008-06-13 15:58:13 by CompanionCube

I'm Level 8!

*parteh dance*

now i'll got make some flash or something >_>

Mock Exams

2008-06-02 16:14:31 by CompanionCube

Man FUCK Mock Exams >:(


2008-04-07 08:07:55 by CompanionCube

I just got back from my 2 week trip to Phoenix! I had a pretty good time ^^